What Is This About?

This is a blog about personal finance topics, with an explicit focus on one family’s quest for reaching a goal that we call Geographic Independence, which is basically a low-end version of financial independence. The difference is that to reach this goal we don’t need to fully retire, but instead just be able to “work” from wherever we feel like being at the time. We anticipate doing this by converting our income stream from “active” to “passive”, or some fraction thereof. The fraction can either mean the obvious percentage of total income coming from completely passive income; or it could mean some income coming from less active, but not completely passive, sources; or even active income where the activity is not tied to a specific location (such as income produced from blogging.)

To be absolutely explicit, this blog is about personal finance topics.  You will not find any “Get rich quick” schemes, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) fads, or “hot stock tips” here on this blog.  Nor am I pitching any product or book.

You can find out about the status of our goal through the following posts:

Who Are We?

My name is Dave and my beautiful wife is Kimberly.  I’m about to enter my fourth decade on this blue gumball we call Earth.  I have a BS in Physics from CalTech but have been employed in the software development field ever since graduating.  I now work for a small technology company doing product & project management work with quite a bit of actual software development thrown in for good measure.   While I was smart enough to start contributing to a 401(k) right out of school, my savings rate was not high nor was it consistent up until my mid-30’s.  Since then, my wife and I have built a small nest egg which we’re now trying to make bigger. (Who isn’t?!?)  And in addition, as described above, our more immediate goal is to be able to travel where and when we want, without jeopardizing our retirement income.


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  1. 1 Boomer // 2009.02.01 at 1:32 pm

    Hi Dave –

    I saw your post on Get Rich Slowly. I’m interested in your approach to generating passive income. I’ll be following your blog and cheering your progress!

  2. 2 davmp // 2009.02.03 at 9:23 am

    Hey thanks Boomer! I think I need to start posting more about the progress on new income production rather than the simple things like interest rate changes and lowering transaction fees. Though the latter is really where we’ve made some simple changes that already have had decent effects compared to where we started from.

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