$50 credit for new TradeKing accounts

August 7th, 2009 · 1 Comment

TradeKing, the brokerage we use for the trades written about on this blog, is willing to give $50.00 to those opening new accounts through their referral program.   While the referral program has historically given $50 to those who did the referring, between now and August 27, 2009 they’ll also give the new account holder (that’s you) $50 too!

To qualify, a new account holder must be a US resident and open a non-IRA account by the end of August, fund it with at least $1,000 within the next 30 days, and then execute at least one trade within 180 days (about half a year) of the opening of the account.   In addition, the minimum funds of $1,000 (not including trading losses) must remain in the account for those same 180 days or your $50 credit will be surrendered.  Read the full details.

If you’re new to investing and trading, or have always been a buy-and-hold investor, this seems like a great opportunity to open a new account and give yourself some separation to try out new ideas.   TradeKing has no account minimums or inactivity fees, offers flat commissions of $4.95 (market and limit entered online or via phone call), and $4.95/trade + $0.65/contract on options.   As I’ve discovered, it is MUCH easier to make small, profitable option trades (like you’ll want to make when you’re learning the process) when the commissions you’re paying are low.

E-mail me at davmp@geographic-independence.com if you’d like a referral to get you started!  I promise not to use your e-mail address for anything except sending you the referral.   (Note that if you just go open an account on your own, you won’t get the $50 credit.)

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    @RedG3: You should have a referral in your e-mail!

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